English Programme :: Srithammaratsuksa School  

The Srithammarat Suksa School English Programme was started in 2000 and is one of the largest English Programs in southern Thailand with students from Kindergarten 1 to Grade 12. More than 500 students study most of their subjects in English under a faculty of 30+ native English speaking teachers from a wide variety of Western countries.The English Programme is separated into 3 different parts:Anuban (Kindergarten in Thai) English Programme: AEPPratom (Primary in Thai) English Programme: PEPMathayom (Secondary in Thai) English Programme: MEPThe AEP and PEP operate classes of no more than 25 students, with several sections for each grade. The MEP classes are capped at 30 students with several sections for each grade. All classes are taught in teams, with a Thai homeroom teacher or teachers’ assistant working with the Native English speaking Teacher. There is also the new EIP (English Immersion Program) where students from the regular program are taught English by native English speaking teachers.The English Programme prides its self on providing a top notch, international and universal education. The EP has resources from around the world, over 1,000 English books in the EP library alone plus a whole teacher resource room full of books from around the globe. The EP utilizes curriculum and standards from North America, Singapore, Australia, England and Thailand.The EP is always looking for responsible, motivated teachers to join our Staff. Srithammarat Suksa is a well-established and well-respected school with more than 10 years of training and helping teachers improve while providing quality education. The EP is continually growing and improving in size, quality and reputation. We currently have a foreign staff of more than 30 from the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The English Progrmme purchased and built a NEW English Programme campus in 2011. The new facility is the school’s 3rd campus and is absolutely beautiful. Srithammarat is blessed by God, community, faculty and Thailand to have such a wonderful school.


Nakhon Si Thammarat is one of the oldest cities in Thailand with rich history.  It is the second largest province in southern Thailand, lying about 780 kilometers south of Bangkok along the Gulf of Thailand. The province boasts many undeveloped beaches as well as two national parks within an interior of verdant jungles abundant with luxuriant vegetation, beautiful waterfalls, and exotic wildlife.

Nakhon Si Thammarat contains many Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu temples and is an excellent place to see a performance of Thai nǎng tàlung featuring handmade shadow puppets, a performance art the region is famed for. In fact, both Thai nǎng tàlung (shadow play) and lákhon (Thai classical dance-drama) art forms were developed in Nakhon. Our culture here is rich and thriving!

This article has some great information on Nakhon and what to do here, should you wish to know!